Brittany on the North West coast of France is one of the most scenic regions in France with spectacular coastal and rural scenery and towns. Rennes city is the capital of the French département of Brittany and is situated at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine rivers.

Chateau de la Grange and the Loire is located 254 klms. from Rennes in Brittany and 276 klms. from the spectacular Mont Saint Michel on the Brittany/Normandy border.

The city’s name is derived from the Redones, a Celtic tribe that established its capital there. Under Roman occupation the town became the centre of communications of the province of Armorica. In the Middle Ages it vied with Nantes as capital of the dukes of Brittany. The rivalry continued when a Parliament of Brittany was created in 1551; the Parliament finally settled at Rennes 10 years later. During the French Revolution (1787–99), it became the headquarters of the republican army in the fighting with the Vendéens (royalist insurgents).






Fougeres Castle


St Malo


Pont Aven






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