Financial Viability

What I propose once The Abbey is restored is a tourist hub for visiting the Normandy region of France with a world class rose garden, a wedding venue, a cidery and meadery and a market garden and apiary plus anything that will sell to tourists as product/giftware/souvenirs from the property, France and the world.

Around 90 million tourists visit France each year and this is more than France's population of 65 million. France is the number one tourist destination in the world contributing 79.8 billion euros to the French economy and the tourist industry employs 2.9 million people directly and indirectly. 370 million people live in France and countries directly bordering France and 12.7 million English tourists visit every year with travel via the chunnel being fast and economical at between 50-143 euro.

Opening The Abbey as a tourist destination with the ajoining country population figures stated and with Normandy already a tourist hot spot surely the financial viability of The Abbey is assured.

The Normandy region of France already has world renown tourist attractions with Paris only 2 hours 15 minutes away by bullet train. Mont St Michel the famous island basilica sitting on Normandy's south coast receives 2.5 million tourists a year and Basilica St Therese, located in Lisieux, Normandy, receives more than two million visitors a year as it is the second most popular religious pilgrimage site in France, after Lourdes. Omaha Beach and the WW2 landing sites and associated war museums receive 2 million visitors a year, so Normandy is a very popular tourist location.

Rouen in Normandy's north east is also a popular tourist destination being the Viking capital in France and it is known as Normandy's jewel with a number of amazing Gothic churches including the spectacular Rouen cathedral. Futhermore, Normandy has a number of amazing chateaus as the photos below attest so this region of France has a plethora of attractions and scenery to entice tourists to the region.

Tourism is an important sector in the global economy. Today, 10.4% of the world’s GDP and 7% of the world’s total exports come from tourism. The money earned from expenditures by foreigners are crucial drivers of economic development and can be an important source of foreign exchange.

Tourism income is not limited to restaurant and hotel bills, but includes all types of expenditures ranging from transportation to medical care to clothing, gifts and souvenirs. Data shows that tourism accounts for over 8 percent of this expanded definition of exports, making it comparable to trade in oil and energy, and just slightly smaller than trade in agricultural products. The following chart shows the breakdown in tourist expenditure by category.

Tourist Spend Breakdown


In analysing credit card data of 40 countries the breakdown of tourist spend above shows that 30% of money tourists spend is on accomodation and food services and the next biggest spend is on merchandise and apparel. Thus, 24 billion euro is spent on accomodation and food and 16% of Frances tourist income that is 12.7 billion euros/year is spent on merchandise - clothing, souvenirs, gifts etc.

Therefore attracting tourists by making The Abbey a place to visit, to stay at and eat at, will result in accomodation and merchandise sales.

The abbey has been neglected for years and urgently needs restoration. I need a loan of 1.5 million euros to purchase the abbey and its 25 hectares with 780,000 euro being the purchase price and the balance of the loan to be for the restoration and refurbishment of this historic French monument.

To help pay off debt and promote The Abbey I will produce a documentary series to be shown worldwide highlighting The Abbey restoration and what it has to offer sinilar to the "Escape to the Chateau" popular TV series, and another documentary on France's chateaus that I am now in love with. Another project could be a documentary on the peoples who have created France - The Gauls, The Romans, The Franks, The Vikings and The Saxons. I am a digital film producer and website designer.


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