Varieties for Sale Cont.


Sorrento Stripe (display only)


Plumaria Pudica - Tropical evergreen species with dark green foliage and stunning pure white bouquets in summer - $30
Singapore White - The beautiful tropical evergreen species with dark green foliage - $30
Thai Lotus - Cute little flowers in brilliant bouquets. $30
Pink Edge Lantern - Spicy evergreen with tiny hint of pinkPink Edge Lantern $30
Lattica Rose -
Mardigras -
Maneerat -
Jacks Yellow -
Sharnas Rose -
Orange Purple -
Moonlight -
Australia -
Sheer Beauty -
Jacks Tiger -
Blackwall Flame -
Dragon Eye -
Donald Angus -
Nebels Rainbow -
Kimberly Crimson - Bright and beautiful a stunner!!!!! $40
Courtyard Pink - Delicate pink with a golden centre - what a cutie! $30
Darwin Monsoon - Beautiful full rounded petals in delicate bright pink color scheme. $30
Flamenco - Delicate pastel beauty in light pinks and lemons. $30
Intense Rainbow - Lovely contrasting color scheme and definitely gives you a tropical feeling looking at this specimen. $30
Loretta - Unusual all pink flowers with lovely rounded petals, an attractive specimen. $30
Moonlight Pink - A very attractive pastel shaded palet with shell shaped petals. $30
Ozzie Rock - An attractive crimson red specimen with nice full petals, very showy. $30
Paul Weisch - Unusual specimen with cute pink veiny color scheme and yellow centre, very attractive. $30

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