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Siam Glory (display only)


Daisy Wilcox - Lovely pastel pink color scheme, a very showy specimen. $30
Metallica - Special star shaped flowers with unusual metalic color scheme. $40
Firecracker - Lovely veiny pink bouquets with dark burgundy centres. $50
Purple Princess - Very special specimen the flowering bouquets are spectacular. $120
Bali Palace - Beautiful bright yellow flowers with the unusual pagoda shaped petals. $120
Butterfly Gold - Another beauty with beaut red veins against the apricot colored petals edgad in pink. $80
Francoise - Cutest delicate pink bouquets with a yellow centre - she is special!!!. $60
Holly B - Beautiful bouquets with the very unusual curled back petals and the lovely contrasting color scheme. $60
Indonesian Violet - Very unusual color scheme and quite a rare specimen. $120
Jeanne Moragne - Stunning bright tropical bouquets, a stand out garden specimen. $70
Karaguar Star - Beautiful star shaped petasl in bright showy bouquets. $50
Lanna - Brilliant eye catching purple bouquets. This is a must for frangi lovers . $80
Mars Moon - Beautiful pansy shaped flowers in beaut pastel pinks - a special frangi. $120
Wasittee - Beautiful crimson bouquets with white edging, a stunner. $70
Black Tiger - Unusual fan shaped crimson veiny petals with black eyes - very unusual. $80
Aidan Prowse - Beautful wedding style bouquets in lovely pale pastel colors. $60

Lilac Clouds - Another uncommon mauve color scheme - a must have for frangi collectors. $60

Palamino - Lovely browny orange bouquets with pink edges, a beautiful color scheme. $80
Rivers of Siam - Superb pink veiny flowers with ruffled edges. A spectacular frangi specimen. $140

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