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Dane (display only)


Muang Achan - Spectacular purple specimen - very special. $90
Miracle - Another stunner, this one turns heads with the bright red veined petals against the white. $80
Leila - This one does attract your attention with the flower bouquet having this beautiful veiny color scheme. $30
Pink Ruffles - Beautiful rose pink slightly ruffled petals, the all pink bouquet looking very bridal. $60
Orange Sixty - Bright veiny red specimen with full rounded petals. $30
Pink Palace - Nice pink showy bouquets with cerise red centres, a beauty!!! $30
Red Centre - A beautiful specimen that makes you think of the arid inland - very unusual color scheme. $30
Red Magic - Bright red hanging clusters, very striking. $30
Yellow Ruffles - Lovely ruffled petals with a color scheme like Celedine, this is beautiful. $30
Confetti - A stunning tropical beauty with contrasting bright golden centre and red border. $30
Arya Regan - Special hot pink blooms make a spectacular bouquet. $60
Brittney - Beaut pink and white pastels with dark orange eyes make for a stunning posey. $50
Claire Corrie - Beautiful veiny pink and white specimen with pixy shaped petals. $60
Flame - Special veiny fiery orange flowers, a spectacular tree in any garden. $70
Mayan Gold - Striking golden flowers with pure white petal borders. $50
India - Beautiful bright fiery orange bouquets - a beauty. $80
Margaret Veitch - Very showy bright pink petals with hot pink centres make for a spectacular display. $90
Salmon Brown - Very different colored specimen with shell shaped petals. $30
Salmon Pink - Another unusual specimen with a mono color schemecolor scheme. $30

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