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Cerise - A beautiful bright vibrantly colored specimen, the flower heads contrasting with the dark green foliage. $30
Cooktown Sunset - A beautiful bright showy specimen that reminds me of the tropics, bursting with color. $30
Celadine - Probably the most common species in Australian gardens but is still one of the most beautiful and highly scented specimens you can grow. $10
Tahitian Red - This species is certainly a contrast with Celadine above, with its dark red colors and a fiery orange centre. $30
Fruit Salad - Although a common species this is a fantastic flowerer with big beautiful bouquets. A prolific flowerer and my tree is approx 5 metres high. $10
Paradiso - Stunning color contrast and one of the most sought after species, a very bright colored showy specimen. $50
Maui Beauty - Lovely pastel shades complement this cute specimen. $30
Bowen Yellow - A beautiful buttery yellow colored species - flowers are totally yellow when they first open and the edges then whiten during the day. $35
Byron Bay Rosette - A beaut cute pink specimen with big bright flower heads that reminds me of the beach and surf from the Gold Coast to Byron. $15
Bali Whirl - A very unusual specimen with loosely connected petals like paddles and the lovely contrasting colors of bright yellow and white. $30
Bubblegum - has beautiful big flower heads with a delicate pink color scheme and bright golden centre. $15
Black Red - Very dark blood red specimen. $40
Mummys Angel - Is one of my favourites with its beautiful soft pastel color scheme. Stunning bouquets. $40
Sunny - Beautiful big bright flower bouquets, this is a lovely bright happy specimen. $20
Phuta Ruksa - A very special specimen with stunning white flowers splashed with pink/red. A standout color scheme in the garden! $120
Lurline - Beautiful windmill shaped color scheme makes a stunning bouquet of flowers. $100
Vishnu Gold - Another one of my favourites with pure white tulip shaped flowers and a golden yellow centre. A beauty. $80
Golden Noi - Stunning species with grainy yellow/orange petals and exquisite pink edging. $120
Gina - A dark burgundy beauty with contrasting white roll over edges. Special specimen! $80
Fire & Ice - Beautiful species with veiny splashes of crimson on the icy white background. $80

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