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This historic monument must be saved not only for the French people but for the world and if you can see the value in saving this beautiful abbey as I do, then I would encourage you to support this cause by donating money so this property can be purchased and restored for all to see, admire and enjoy.

My intention is to restore Abbey Blanchelande back to it's former glory and open it as a tourist attraction and a productive working farm. I envisage a world famous rose garden, a wedding venue, a cidery and meadery and to establish a market garden and apiary.

Now, I don't just expect you to donate to this worthwhile cause without receiving something in return. Please note! all donations from $1 to $100,000+ will be gratefully appreciated and my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who wants to help this abbey return to it's former glory but as an incentive to donate to save this beautiful property, donors who donate $100 - $200 will be entitled to three nights accomodation and donations of $200 or more are entitled to one weeks accomodation at the abbey.

I repeat, if you donate $100+ you are entitled to 3 nights accomodation and $200+ you will be entitled to one weeks accomodation at the Abbey Blanchelande, time and date to be agreed upon when the abbey is up and running.

So, if you would like a cheap holiday in France please donate your $100-$200 but please understand accomodation dates will be aportioned on first in first served basis and this entitles you to accomodation only and not meals. The Abbey has 20 bedrooms but as you will realise accomodation only becomes available as we restore room by room in the abbey.

So, $200 for a one weeks accomodation in France is surely a bargain? Please donate!

Please Note Accomodation bookings are dependant on the following:

1. Accomodation bookings will only be taken on completion of the purchase of The Abbey.

2. Accomodation will only become available as we restore the bedrooms so they are presentable.

3. All bookings are at the discretion of the owner.

4. Any booking is dependant on the date of your donation, the amount donated and the room availability at any given time.

5. Donations over $200 in multiples of $200 permit the donor to have one week/year for every $200 donated depending on availability at the times requested.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or advice with regard to the restoration or my fundraising efforts via the address on the "Contact Me" page.

I would like you all to embrace my dream and help me bring this beautiful historic property back to life for the world to enjoy. I hope you will also have the vision like I have to see how special this abbey can be when we have all pitched in and shown the world this wonderful place we have created.

Intentional Community, Communal Living

The Abbey was originally created for the community of monks in 1154 so this is nothing new for The Abbey, it was built for communal living.

Expressions of interest from anyone who would like to join me at The Abbey. I will be needing help to restore and maintain the property, as well as establishing the rose gardens, market gardens, apiary, cidery and meadery etc. I especially require the services of plumbers, builders and electricians so if you would like to join the cause there are a number of free accomodation options on the property so I am sure I can fit you in but I would like you to also contribute $200 to the cause. If you think this is what you would like to do in life, that is, get away from it all and live on, as well as live off the land, please contact me.

Rob West


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